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Air Con in Server Rooms & ICT Suites

When systems overheat they become less efficient, break down and frequently "crash".

The cost of 'downtime' or loss of information can be enormous. Installing air conditioning in your server room will extend the life of your equipment, reduce service and maintenance costs and significantly reduce the possibility of failure.

Why is Air Conditioning needed in ICT Suites & Server Rooms?

1. Overheating IT equipment by even a few degrees can easily cause a server
chip to fail.
2. We all rely on computers in our workplace.
3. IT system failure can result in lost web based business, loss of customer details, expensive lost staff hours.
4. Temperature control of the area is critical.
5. Automatic stand by systems are recommended to maintain climate in the event of primary system failure.
Air Conditioning Systems for ICT Suites & Server Rooms

The high heat gains and expense of replacing burnt out computer equipment makes reliable server room air conditioning an essential requirement. The servers and computers that run your network are all designed to function in a very specific temperature range.

To ensure reliable operation and the longest possible life from components, you need to ensure that temperatures stay within those limits. Air conditioning installation creates a comfortable atmosphere for equipment and staff, by cooling or heating the air all year round.
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