COOLING AND CONVEYING SOLUTIONS is a long established engineering company specialising
in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of :

  • High Efficiency Heat/Cool Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
  • High Efficiency Industrial Process Cooling Equipment
  • Mechanical Installations, specialising in hydraulic disabled and goods lifts

Air Conditioning Offices

Installing climate control air conditioning creates a much more comfortable atmosphere for you and your work force all year round.
Today's systems don't stop with heating and cooling. They can include humidity control, air cleaning, and pinpoint temperature control to produce a clean, comfortable working environment.


Why is Air Conditioning needed in Offices?
1. Staff complain they are too hot or cold
2. Workers attention and production levels will increase
3. 100% tax relief on your air conditioning system may be available via the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowances
4. Energy savings achievable of up to 66% compared with standard electric heating
Air Conditioning Systems for Offices
With greater densities of staffing and the increased use of technology, your office will get too hot. Installing climate control air conditioning guarantees to create a comfortable, stress reducing and temperature controlled environment.
With constantly increasing costs, it is more important than ever to maintain or increase levels of efficiency, production and find practical methods to reduce energy consumption.

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