COOLING AND CONVEYING SOLUTIONS is a long established engineering company specialising
in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of :

  • High Efficiency Heat/Cool Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
  • High Efficiency Industrial Process Cooling Equipment
  • Mechanical Installations, specialising in hydraulic disabled and goods lifts

Air Conditioning in the Surgeries, Waiting Rooms and Labs

Climate control can reduce high levels of stress and tiredness generally experienced within any health service environment. Air conditioning creates a comfortable atmosphere for both staff and patients.

Why is Air Conditioning needed in Surgeries & Waiting Rooms?
1. Doctor & Dental Surgeries - The high intensity lighting generates a considerable amount of heat. Air conditioning will also improve the comfort
level of all patients and staff.

2. Hospitals:
Waiting rooms - The well-being of the patient is important in reducing anxiety levels and maintaining a calm atmosphere.
Administration areas - Usually of open plan design located near waiting areas, these areas become overcrowded and can be unbearably hot.

3. Pharmacies - It is recommended that most drugs are stored below 23ºC, not easy these days with the heat generated by computers and electrics. Air conditioning helps maintain the required temperatures.

4. Laboratories and Clean Rooms – With modern production requirements, air quality and climate/humidity control are of paramount importance to maintain stability and prevention of contaminant levels in controlled environments.

5. Energy Savings - Trusts are always looking to save money from budgets. Our systems save up to 66% on energy costs - more efficient than standard electric heating.
Air Conditioning Systems for Surgeries & Waiting Rooms
Cooling and Conveying Solutions are experienced at providing air conditioning systems to create a more comfortable atmosphere in surgeries and waiting rooms. Enabling staff to work more efficiently and in comfort. Patients will hopefully get less agitated when waiting and have a more comfortable experience. We also specialise in providing controlled environment turn-key solutions

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