COOLING AND CONVEYING SOLUTIONS is a long established engineering company specialising
in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of :

  • High Efficiency Heat/Cool Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
  • High Efficiency Industrial Process Cooling Equipment
  • Mechanical Installations, specialising in hydraulic disabled and goods lifts

Air Conditioning Retails

Keeping customers comfortable is the key to increasing profitability. If your customers enjoy their experience they stay longer, browse more of your goods and services and purchase more of your products.
Ensuring customers are comfortable will increase the chance of repeat business. All Seasons will design and install, with the minimum of disruption and fuss, an air conditioning system that guarantees to give you the perfect temperature control.

Why is Air Conditioning needed in Retail Premises?
1. Customers visiting retail premises will take greater time perusing products and are likely to spend more on products and services.
2. Changing rooms in clothing outlets may become unbearably hot in the summer.
3. In bars and restaurants, comfortable customers enjoy their experience and stay longer.
4. Eliminate hot and cold spots within larger retail units.
Air Conditioning systems for Retail Premises
All Seasons can design an air conditioning system that will suit any size retail outlet. This will make the experience of your services more comfortable for the customer and enables customers to recommend your services to others.

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